Rioux Vision provides mobile technology solutions that bring an entirely new level of patient care to the healthcare industry.  Rioux Vision has developed a variety of wireless mobile workstations with the needs of the healthcare industry specifically in mind, as well as designing, implementing and supporting the customized wireless infrastructures to support them.  Our goal at Rioux Vision is to maximize the time efficiency of healthcare providers so that they can better dedicate their focus to those that matter most – their patients.

Rioux Vision’s suite of technology solutions is designed to accommodate a wide range of needs within the healthcare industry.  The Freedom™ Wireless Solution is the most compact mobile workstation on the market today, while The Liberty™ Wireless Solution provides additional space to work on manual documentation.  The Allegiance™ Wall Mount Solution has been designed as a wireless alternative for those facilities with space limitations that make mobility impractical.  The Unity™ Mobile Laptop Assistant, provides laptop users a mobile ergonomic platform from which to work. All of our solutions are either UL 60601-1 and FCC Class A Part 15 approved and/or compliant with approvals pending. To find out more about each of these solutions, click on the links at left, where you’ll find downloaded specification sheets for each.